Automatic Power Controls


Designed with the concept of modularity which allows upgrading of KVAR rating as and when required.Advanced microprocessor based relay used to ensure real time power factor correction in the installation. Current limiting contractors are used which are specially designed for capacitor switch.

Automatic Power Controls Panel

They are used to Supervise and Control the voltage and reactive power of the power system. We manufacture and supply a qualitative range of APFC panels, that are extensively used in various industries. These automatic power factor control panel (APFC) are designed and developed using advanced techniques and are capable of saving maximum power and energy. These APFC Panel are highly efficient and accurately monitor the reactive power in power systems for saving energy and can alter the system voltage as well as current


1. Designed with the concept of modularity.

2.Easiness in operation, very low manual intervention.

3.Reduce losses & lower energy consumption

4.Modular design ensures easy handling

5.Avoid power factor penalty.

Thyristorised APFC Panel

Power (KVA) Supplied by Electricity Boards consist of Real Power (KW), which Produce energy & reactive power (KVAR) generated by Inductive Loads, which decreases the loading capacity & the efficiency of the Supply System. The Power Factor (PF) is defined as a ratio between the Real Power & the Total Power. Electricity Boards charge heavy Penalty to H.T. Consumer, if the Power Factor of the system is below a required minimum average value.


1.Compensation at extreely low voltage is possible.

2. No over compensation, under compensations and unbalanced compensation.

3.The Capacitor bank unit remains in useful operational service with maximum up time.